Samsung Unveils the New Samsung Gear S3

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Samsung Unveils the New Samsung Gear S3

Samsung has unveiled the upcoming Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch just ahead of the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin.

Samsung launched the Gear S3 at an event just after news that the smartwatch market declined in the second quarter, but the world’s largest smartphone maker in terms of market share doesn’t seem to be slowing down its push for wearables that will work seamlessly with their devices.

Currently, not much is known about the smartwatch, including the price and exactly when it will be released. However, many speculate that the watch will reach the market sometime later this year, perhaps just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Smartwatch sales declined in the second quarter down to 3.5 million units shipped, compared to 5.1 million during the same period last year, according to market research firm International Data Corporation. Still, it seems Samsung has no intention of backing down from the wearables market.

At first glance the Samsung Gear S3 doesn’t look like a smartwatch, but more like a regular watch. That’s a good thing, but many have already stated that the watch does look a little on the large size. This larger size could be a deterrent to women and even men with smaller wrists. Still, one can understand why it is the size it is, as the larger screen makes it easier to navigate.

The watch itself is powered by Samsung’s own Tizen operating system, much like the other wearables in its product line. Currently, this new watch is compatible with Samsung products and Android, although iOS compatibility has yet to be achieved. Currently, the company is testing this compatibility with the Gear S2 in South Korea, although there is no word on when they will bring this compatibility to other parts of the world.

One big improvement you will find with this new watch is the battery life. According to Samsung, the Gear S3 will work for up to four days without needing a recharge, although your time will probably vary based on your usage. Unlike previous models, the Gear S3 also includes an always-on mode to display the time, unlike previous models currently on the market.

There will be two versions of the smartwatch: The Gear S3 Classic that looks much like a conventional watch and an outdoor version known as the Gear S3 Frontier. This will give many users the options they want and need out of their smartwatch, although there is no word on what the price points will be for these two versions of the smartwatch.

There is no doubt that the smartwatch market is soft right now. Many consumers are simply hanging onto their existing smartwatches waiting for something new to truly wow them. Will the Gear S3 be the watch to do just that? Only time will tell. But it is good to see that Samsung is remaining dedicated to the smartwatch product line despite the soft climate of today.

What do you think? Does this new smartwatch wow you or will you wait for something new? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

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