Google Pixel Lags Far Behind Competitors

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Google Pixel Lags Far Behind Competitors

While the Google Pixel may be winning awards for its design and camera, and while it may be backed by Google, the search engine giant is having a tough time selling the Google Pixel.

According to IDC director Francisco Jeronimo, Google only shipped 3.9 million Pixel phones in 2017. While that’s not a bad number for a newcomer to the market, and it’s double the amount it shipped in 2016, the number is weak when you compare the sales of its two main competitors – Samsung and Apple.

The sales of both the iPhone and the Galaxy smartphones dwarfed the sales of the Pixel, with Apple selling 216.7 million iPhones and Samsung selling 316.4 million Android smartphones last year, according to the IDC. To put that into perspective, it took Samsung on 4.4 days to outsell the Pixel and Apple 6.5 days to beat the Pixel.

The Google Pixel may be the new kid in town, but so far a majority of consumers have yet to see a compelling reason to switch to the Pixel from their all too familiar smartphones, despite a large marketing campaign by Google. Thus far, the Pixel has remained a niche market for diehard Android fans. Even with many consumers choosing Android, they are still going for Samsung, despite the TouchWiz interface, Bixby, and other Bloatware.

Make no mistake, the Google Pixel has gotten many things right. From its amazing camera to its clean interface and even its price point below $1,000. There are many reasons to like it. Still, the Pixel has failed to wow many consumers and convince them to make the switch from their favorite smartphones.

Some experts believe it all comes down to carriers. In the U.S., over 90 percent of phone sales are sold through the carriers. Google has failed to keep their phones in many carrier stores, limiting the options of most of the buying market. If the phone isn’t there, they simply won’t go out of their way to get it. Only those in the niche market that want the phone because of its vanilla Android experience will go out of their way to get one.

Most put this blame on Google, who have failed to keep their phones on the carrier shelves and haven’t convinced consumers to switch to the Pixel. In many ways, the Pixel was supposed to be THE alternative to the iPhone. Finally a phone made by Google powered by Android the way it was supposed to be, not the way third party companies such as Samsung think it should be. But, in this regard, the Pixel, and Google for that matter, have failed.

All is not lost as of yet for this new smartphone. But the question becomes will Google continue to put in the effort needed to convince potential buyers to make the switch. For that we will have to wait and see. Still, for my money, the Pixel is definitely worth a closer look. But maybe I am made more for that niche market than most.

Would you consider buying a Google Pixel or would you rather buy an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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