Apple Investigating Cases of the iPhone 8 Plus Splitting Open

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Apple Investigating Cases of the iPhone 8 Plus Splitting Open

Here we go again. We have a new iPhone on the market, and we are already hearing of reports of problems with the new devices. Currently, Apple is investigating reports of the new iPhone 8 Plus splitting open, but so far the reasons for this split remain unclear.

The site 9to5Mac reported it first, and so far they have found two instances of the iPhone 8 Plus splitting open. The first happened in Taiwan while the phone was being charged. According to the owner, the iPhone 8 Plus had been placed on the official charger with both the cable and power adaptor that came with the iPhone. The owner had the device for a total of five days and after about three minutes of charging, the case split open.

The second report comes from Japan, but in this case the iPhone 8 Plus came that way. When the owner opened the box, the iPhone 8 Plus was already split, and he even shared images of the problem on Twitter.

So far there have been no reports of this problem stateside, but keep an eye out. While there are no visible burn marks on either phone, Apple could have a problem on their hands. When you factor in the once case where it came that way, it may not be a heat issue after all. Instead, it could be a fault with the glue and the screws that hold the device together.

Unfortunately, we don’t know as of yet if this is an isolated case, a bad batch of phones, or a design flaw. Still, you should keep an eye on your iPhone. While there are no cases in the United States or Canada as of yet, it’s definitely something to watch for. I wouldn’t be too concerned yet if you bought an iPhone 8 Plus, but definitely keep an eye on your smartphone.

Currently we don’t even know if this happens quickly or slowly. When you put your iPhone 8 Plus on the charger, keep an eye on it for any buckling. If it pops, chances are you will hear it. However, if it is a glue problem, it may happen slowly. So check for signs that your iPhone 8 Plus case is coming apart at the seams.

We hope Apple releases an official statement about these problems, but to their credit, they aren’t ignoring it as they did during Bendgate. Let’s just hope this is an isolated incident and isn’t the first signs of a larger design problem with the new iPhone 8 Plus.

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