10 Signs It’s Time for a New Smartphone

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Have you been thinking about upgrading your smartphone but you aren’t sure if the time is right for a new smartphone or not? Sometimes, it can be a tough decision. However, many people love keeping their smartphones well passed their usable life. In many cases, these will continue to work for them for quite some time even if they are out of date.

However, there does come a time when a smartphone, much like a computer, just outlives its usefulness. If you are one of those people that hangs on to their smartphones for a long time before upgrading, then you may want to keep reading.

Below you will find 10 signs that it is time for a new smartphone. If you begin to experience one or more of these signs when using your smartphone, you should know that it is time to let that aging device go so you can make room for something newer, faster and up to date.

So let’s take a look at some of the best signs that you need to get a new smartphone. Shall we?

1. Your Phone Weighs More Than Your Laptop

Some of the older smartphones are larger, not necessarily in their screen size, but in their thickness and overall weight. Now while my statement above may be an exaggeration, you know what I’m trying to say. All you have to do is compare an older smartphone with one of its newer, younger siblings and you will quickly discover just how heavy these old devices really are. Even some of the newer models with larger screens are still lighter than their ancestors. If your smartphone has begun to weigh you down quite literally, it could be time to start looking at some of the newer models out there.

2. Your Battery Life Gives You 10 Minutes of Talk Time

The batteries in our smartphone are under a constant assault. Because of this, over time they do begin to wear out. In fact, the batteries are often one of the first things to go even if the phone is still in good shape. Sure, you can replace the battery, but that will cost you money. In some cases, by simply spending a little more, you can pick up something brand new.

3. Your Mobile OS Is Three Versions Old

If you have held onto your smartphone for any length of time, then there is a good chance that the operating system on it is old and out of date. Not only will this prevent you from installing apps, it is also a security risk, as smartphone makers often stop releasing security updates for the older operating systems. Do you really want your stuff stolen?

4. Your Screen Has So Many Cracks You Cut Yourself

I don’t know of a greater pain than watching as you drop your smartphone cracking the screen in the process. Even a brand new phone looks like an old worn out piece of junk if the screen gets cracks. Over time those cracks can get worse and you may even start to feel them while you are using the smartphone. Heck, you may even notice that the screen gets tough to read because of the cracks. If that is the case, it is definitely time for something new.

5. You Can Still Use the Word Flip When Talking About Your Phone

I’m not even sure this one needs much of an explanation. I almost didn’t list it here because we are talking about smartphones, but ultimately I decided I would. Believe it or not, there are people out there still using the old style flip phones. While they do work as a phone pretty darn well, texting is problematic at best and you can forget running apps on them. If you want to expand the usefulness of your smartphone or, at the very least, make texting much easier, than it is time to upgrade to a phone with the word “smart” in it.

6. Your Smartphone Has a Roller Ball and Not a Touchscreen

Maybe this one isn’t fair, as even some modern phones made by Blackberry still come with this roller ball. In most cases, though, they are also touchscreens, and only offer the ball as an alternative method of controlling your smartphone. Still, if your smartphone offers that as the only method of control, then your phone definitely has some age on it. So time to start shopping to find something new with controls that would be considered, more modern.

7. Your Phone Still Has the Letter “E” in the Corner

As phones have advanced, so have the wireless networks that they connect to. Today, we have Edge, 3G, 4G, LTE and so much more. Each one of these offers a much faster experience so you can get data much quicker. Still, older phones will only be compatible with the older networks, meaning that if yours still has an E on it or the word Edge, you are definitely on the slowest data network that is available. A new phone will speed up your data so you can use the apps you want to use and you won’t have to wait forever for anything you do that uses data.

8. You Can’t Find Cases Anywhere

One of the greatest parts about smartphones is all the accessories you can buy for them. One that is particularly important is the case. A case helps protect the smartphone from damage and gives you an option to add a little personal flair to your smartphone. These cases, however, don’t last forever, and case manufacturers eventually stop production on cases for older smartphones. This means that after a while you won’t be able to find a case for your aging smartphone. Not only is a lack of a case a sign that your smartphone is getting old, it is also risky to use your smartphone and carry it with you everywhere if you don’t have a case. So, if you can’t find cases for your phone anymore, the time has come for you to look for a newer model that you can protect.

9. Apps Won’t Install

Just like the old operating system issues we talked about above, newer apps do require newer system software and faster specs in order to run properly. Over time, app creators update their apps to ensure they are compatible with the latest and greatest smartphones. Often they continue to try and support some of the older devices as well, but eventually they have to give up that legacy compatibility in order to keep up with the times. If you don’t do the same, you will find that some of your favorite apps begin to stop working on your older smartphone. At that point, you either upgrade or you live without them.

10. You Got the Itch for Something New

Hey, sometimes you just want something new. You are tired of the old phone and its limitations or the old phone just isn’t quite as much fun to use. As long as you can afford it, then that’s perfectly okay. After all, why should you stick with an old crappy phone that you don’t like when you could just pick up something new. Just make sure you do the proper research before you buy your new smartphone. You do want to make sure you really like the new phone if you are going to be investing your hard earned money toward it.

Final Thoughts

Your smartphone, just like your computer, won’t last you forever. In many cases, because of the fact they go with us everywhere and are subjected to a level of use not seen by our laptops and desktops, they don’t last you nearly as long as other devices. Even if yours is still going strong, chances are if it is even a few years old you are already seeing at least one of these problems on this list.

If so, then the time could have arrived for you to finally bite the bullet and pick up a new smartphone. While you may not want to, in the end I guarantee you will be glad you did. Today’s smartphones are far more powerful and you will love being able to install any app you want and run it with ease. So what are you waiting. Check out our guides and find yourself the perfect smartphone today.

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