10 Reasons to Choose an Android Smartphone Over an iPhone

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The iPhone may have popularized the smartphone across the world, Android is what has defined it and given the smartphone the power that we see today. If you are racking your brain trying to decide if you should buy an iPhone or an Android smartphone, then today’s article is definitely for you.

Sometimes, it is easier to have a nice list to follow to understand why one platform is better than the other, and we are here to help. Today, we will look at many reasons why you should consider an Android smartphone over an iPhone. While we do believe that the iPhone is really a great smartphone, in the end we do believe that for many people the Android-based smartphone will do a much better job at providing a fun and useful user experience. Would you like to find out why? If so, then I suggest you read on.

Reasons to Choose an Android Smartphone

Below you will find ten great reasons to choose an Android smartphone over an iPhone. I’m guessing by the time you finish with this list, you will understand the power you will have with Android and you will be able to decide if it is right for you.

1. Many Choices

Currently, there are only a few iPhones to choose from. All of them run very similar hardware and software. Apple strictly controls this so they can provide a great user experience, but it can feel a little limiting. Contrast that with Android, which is open source software. Hundreds of manufacturers now make smartphones powered by Android. This gives you many different choices when choosing your next smartphone. Of course, that does make the decision a little more difficult, but in the end it is worth it.

2. Ultimate Customization

Apple isn’t big on letting you customize your experience. While they have gotten a little better about this, if you really want to customize your user experience, you will want to choose an Android smartphone. Almost any app including your text messaging and keyboard apps can be replaced with custom apps. These apps are almost always superior to the default apps and allow you to create a truly unique experience while using your smartphone. If you prefer a more walled garden experience where you must use the tools provided, by all means go with iPhone. The apps are good. However, if you want to customize your experience the way you want it, you definitely need to go with Android.

3. Better Hardware

The iPhone does boast some pretty powerful hardware. The iPhone 7, for example, features a quad-core 2.3 GHz Apple A10 Fusion processor and 3GB of RAM. While that is more than you will need on your iPhone, when you compare it to Android devices, it starts looking a little more low end. Take, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S7. It features an octa-core 2.3 GHz Exynos processor with 4GB of RAM. When you compare the screens, the iPhone screen is no slouch running an impressive 1920×1080 resolution, but the S7 features a resolution of 2560×1440. Sure, the Apple iPhone will beat many of the more basic iPhones, but when you compare it to other premium phones, it does come up lacking in the hardware department.

4. Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is the largest app store in the world. While the Apple App Store led the way and changed how we get our apps, it has since been eclipsed by the Google Play Store as more and more developers release apps for the platform. The fact is, you will find more app options on the Google Play Store compared to Apple’s store. Sure, the big leaders will be present on both, but for other apps and even games, the Google Play Store simply can’t be beat.

5. Other App Options

In addition to the App Store, there are tons of apps available online that you can install on your Android device. This is something that Apple doesn’t allow. Sure, you can jailbreak your phone so you can install apps from other locations, but good luck getting Apple to honor their warranty of you do that and have a problem. By using Android, you can easily download and install apps from all over the Internet. This gives you access to some great apps that haven’t been released on the Google Play Store, so you can truly customize your experience. You will have to be careful, however. You need to make sure the apps you do install come from safe locations as there are tons of malware made for Android that you have to watch for when installing from potentially unknown locations.

6. Widgets

There is one thing that I wish iPhone had over Android, and that is widgets. Widgets are little graphical apps that run on your home screen. These give you quick access to information such as the time and the weather without ever having to open a specific app. When you tap on them, they may even open an app to give you more detailed information. Apple has something on iPhone that they call widgets, but they don’t function in quite the same manner. Widgets has been around for Android since almost the beginning, and app makers continue to produce new widgets designed to make your home screens even easier to use. While they do use more battery life, they are fun and can be quite useful. If you like the idea of widgets, your only option is to go with Android, as the iPhone simply doesn’t have them.

7. Expandable Storage

I know one thing that every iPhone user wishes they had, and that is more storage. It happens to us all. We use our smartphones for everything these days, and with that means the need for more storage. The ability to expand storage via microSD is a great way to do just that. Unfortunately, Apple has yet to add this type of storage to their smartphones. Thankfully, Android smartphone makers haven’t forgotten about it. Most Android smartphones come standard today with a microSD card so you can expand the amount of storage they have. Using this card, you can add extra apps, store more movies or music or just about anything else you can think of. This way, you never run out of space. If you have an iPhone, your only option is to back up your data and remove it from your phone. Not the most convenient of solutions if you ask me.

8. User Replaceable Batteries

The battery on your smartphone is its life blood. Over time, these batteries wear out. This means that your smartphone won’t last as long between charges. In most cases, the only thing you can do is replace the battery. But wait. You can’t even open the inside of your iPhone. So what do you do? You must take it in and have it replaced, sometimes at a large cost if it isn’t under warranty. While some Android smartphones employ a similar design, others allow you to take them apart and replace the battery. The batteries are easy to order and install, and this replacement can often be done by almost anyone. If you want the ability to replace your own battery when the one you have begins to act up, then an Android smartphone is the way to go.

9. Universal Chargers

If there is one thing I hate, it is having to buy a new charger when I buy a new phone. Apple has been pretty good about not changing things, but they do use their own custom charging interface. Many Android smartphones, on the other hand, use a mini-USB charger that is pretty much a universal standard today. I know for me, this is a great addition. I have keyboards and mice that use the same charger, and even cameras that make use of it. That means I am never without a charger and I can easily charge my Android smartphone anywhere.

10. Google Support and Integration

We all know that Google is truly a global leader in the world of the Internet and technology, and having an Android device puts you one step ahead. Android is developed and maintained by Google. While each device runs their own customized version, under the hood it is still based on Google’s default Android operating system. This gives you great integration with Google apps and services. If you are a big fan of Google’s software, then you should go with an Android device, as you will find the integration with your smartphone to be second to none.

Choose Wisely

While I may have listed many great reasons why you should be using an Android smartphone instead of an iPhone, for these to be true, you must choose the right smartphone. There are many different Android smartphones out there. Some are premium devices that really do out shine the iPhone, but others are more basic devices designed for users on a budget. Choose one of them and you won’t have the same experience compared to choosing a flagship smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Final Thoughts

The Android smartphone is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market today. They are feature filled and come with the hardware and software you need to truly take your smartphone usage to an entirely new level. While the Apple iPhone is a great smartphone and no one is denying that, in many ways it just can’t stack up to the options and power to be found in a premium Android smartphone.

What do you think about the list I have made here? Do you agree? If you prefer to use an Android smartphone, why not tell us why in the comments below? We would love to here from you whether you agree or disagree.

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